2W Club Basketball Team

The goal of 2WTraining is to positively affect the lives of Surrey athletes and make each player involved with our team a better person. We believe in a supportive environment where you’re not just on a team, but rather part of a family that will support you throughout your endeavours, regardless of the outcome of your basketball career. Our goal is to nurture the youth athlete in a positive environment and instill a skill-set that enriches their lives to adulthood, which they in turn can give back to their community.


At 2WT we believe in position-less basketball. You will not be forced to play a position because of your size. Our players will be trained to develop all aspects of their game.


2W basketball wants to be the most complete and full service AAU program in North America from offering, Nutritional plans, workout plans, sport specific fitness sessions, basketball skill development, basketball practices, and tournaments.

Everything You Need to Know

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Coach Stuart Wallensteen

Stuart Wallensteen grew up in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he excelled at all sports. He primarily focused on basketball in the 9th grade and by the 10th grade season he was considered one of the top players in BC and Canada. He moved to NYC for the 11th & 12th grade to play in one of the most competitive high school basketball leagues in the world. He went on to play NCAA, CIS and Professional basketball.

What’s Included

Once you are apart of 2W Training you join a family of dedicated hard working athletes that push to reach peak performance

  • Fitness testing and customized workout program to maximize your basketball abilities on the court.

  • 2-3 basketball specific fitness workouts/week. Also a custom nutritional program to help strengthen your body, prevent injuries and maximize on court performance.

  • 2-3 Basketball practices/week. Practices will consist of skill development, team plays and concepts, and parts of it will be filmed, to be a learning point for kids.

  • Apparel: All the gear you will ever need!!! Team Jersey, warm up shirt, 2 t-shirts, hoodie & sweats, foam roller, skipping rope, Mobility bands, basketball backpack.

  • All games will be filmed, and each athlete will get all the game film and at the end of the year a highlight tape will be created.

  • Coach Stuart and his team have contacts all across, North America for post secondary basketball. As him and his team have played all levels of basketball from, Junior college, Canadian College, CIS, NCAA, and Professional.

  • Tournaments: We will play at least 5 tournaments during the AAU season throughout BC, Canada and North America.

  • The $2800 will cover all expenses, for the season including the apparel and tournament fees. Only other additional expense would be hotel fees and food when we travel.

Player Kit

Warm Up

When you join the 2W family we have you covered head to toe in all your apparel needs.

You get a super comfy 2w sweats and hoodie so you look great and are comfortable while travelling to practices and games.

Game Day

You will have a reversible practice and game Jersey so you look real clean fresh and like a team for any basketball activities you do. Look great, feel great, play great.

Wait, You Get More!

Personal Team Duffel Bag

We want all are athletes to be prepared and ready to perform at their best. So we got them this awesome basketball/duffle bag to be able to carry all their equipment.

Personal Foam Roller

Being an athlete isn’t easy with all the demands on your body. You are constantly pushing your self, training and competing. Thats why a foam roller is a must for any athlete. It breaks down any knots and fascia in your body to help make you body feel better and recover. So you are able to train and play more.

Personal Skipping Rope

Speed Kills! every ahtlete needs to be fast and quick on your feet! Super easy and convenient is a skipping rope, great way to warm up before you train or play.

Personal Fitness Bands

After a hard train session it is so important that you cool down and stretch and whats better than a thera band to help get you loose and ready to compete the next day.

And So Much More

You also will receive a bunch of other clothes for you to wear proudly at school and around your community, because if you are on a 2w AAU team than you are a heck of a baller and a human being.


OVER $400 Worth

of Value Included with Registration

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Phase 1

Try Outs

January 15th 2018

Location Coming Soon

2W is looking for local players to represent the team. We invite you to try out for a spot on the 2W AAU basketball team

Phase 2


February 1-28th, 2018 


Players will train to get ready for the upcoming season. We will workout at the 2W HQ. Since most players are in school this works well

Phase 3

Court Training

March – June 

2W HQ and Local Court

Players will now get that chance to have 2 on court sessions and 2 gym session. They will reach peak fitness during this period

Phase 4

Game Time


2W HQ and Local Court

Since players will be out of school the schedule will be adjusted so that players will get a greater opportunity to train

Join the Team

If you are young athlete that is passionate about basketball and is ready to be a player playing at a whole new level this is the opportunity for you. Don’t miss out!


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  • Includes 102 workout sessions, Tournament fees and exclusive 2W apparel