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2WTraining is a private gym located on the Surrey Tennis Centre 5891 144th street, Surrey, BC. It is the most unique gym in Surrey and greater Vancouver. Enjoy having access to our exclusive equipment such as the Vertimax, olympic lifting platforms, covered/lighted/heated track, a sand pit, and more. At 2WT we believe fitness should be fun, innovative and challenging.

The 2w Values

We are a family based centre focused on the five values of: Sportsmanship, Effort, Courage, Gratitude and Contribution and we take these five values very seriously.



May 4-6th 2W Basketball will be at Hoop-fest. Come out and support the team! We will be located at SFU Burnaby


BC Club Championships

Our  multiple basketball teams battled it out at Langley event center


Mike Hopp

I have been active my whole life playing hockey, surfing, snow boarding, mountain biking, hiking competing in marathons. How ever I am a stocky guy and always carried 10-15 extra pounds. So no matter how good of shape I was in I always had a little extra stomach fat that I couldn’t Loose. I did the 2WTraining fitness Challenge in February and I lost 18 pounds, while not increasing the amount of exercise I did Stuart just showed me some workouts that shocked my body and were very high intensity putting my body in a longer anabolic state. He also gave me some diet tips in when I should be eating certain types of food and what is most beneficial for my body type.

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review1-compressor “Stuart just showed me some workouts that shocked my body and were very high intensity putting my body in a longer anabolic state.”
– Mike Hopp

post2 He told me ‘meet me half way and we will
achieve your goals.’ I am thrilled with the results.
– Derek Mooney

review1-compressor“Stuart is a very straight shooter and honest, He said you are small guard at 5’9 so if you want to achieve your goals. You are going to have to be the fastest player on the floor, with a knock down jump shot and a pesky defender who picks up full court. Since I have worked with him my game and athleticism has improved a ton. I consider him a big brother and lifelong friend. I recommend him to anyone wanting to work on their body or basketball game.”
– Harpreet Gill


“I first heard Stu from my basketball friend who was training with him. I checked out his IG and saw his video’s and I was real impressed. So I decided to try him out and he has exceeded my wildest expectations. Since I met him in my 11th grade I have gained 80 lbs, I have become the biggest and strongest kid at my school this year my senior year. He taught me how to train and eat properly and showed me what it means to really grind. I look forward to train with him years to come and consider him a brother.”
– Dilpreet Sandhu


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