Group of 4 Training

Group of 4 Training

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Each session is 60 Minutes. You can choose to train in North/South Surrey as well as Richmond. Once you purchase a training pack our team will reach out to you so that we can set up some sessions.

During the training session we will tailor it to the following:

Sports Specific- Sports specific training is paramount for any athlete that is serious about their craft. It targets the movements that is key for your sport and helps strengthen the muscles that is needed for you to succeed. We simulate your off-court training to be as similar to your sports movements as possible. Our goal is to create the most explosive, strongest, leanest and durable version of yourself so you can be the best version of you while you compete in your sport.


Active-Rehab- Active Rehab is for the individual who is recovering from an injury and is at the point in their rehab where they are able to start adding specific strength and flexibility exercises to their routine. So they can strengthen increase the range of motion of the injured area and to protect it from any future damage.


Functional Training- Consists of a lot of body weight movements, Having synergy and complete body connection. Focuses on strengthen your entire body while keeping complete functionality and mobility in your joints.


Weight Loss- Our weight loss programs are custom designed to each client but carry the same principles of High intensity training, constant program variance to shock the body and nutritional guidance to maximize your training.


Weight Gain- Our Bulking program will even make the most stubborn ectomorph put on the pounds. We will calculate exactly how much of caloric surplus you will need to eat each day alongside with training regimen needed to add the mass that you desire.