2WTraining North Surrey Location

The 2WTraining North Surrey Location

Address: North Surrey TBA

Opens: November 1st 

This gym is located out of a beautiful brand new extremely large home. The entire garage will be converted into a gym as well as the 1500 sqft basement that comes out of the garage.

How it works?

There will be a workout plan created every month and a workout posted online and on the whiteboard in the gym. If thats not the workout plan you want for that month there will be a database of workouts online that you can choose from that applies to your goals.

There will be designated gym hours each day that you are available to come during those hours. There will always be a trainer in the gym to help assist, motivate you and help you anyway they can.

Cost $180/month

Gym Hours 

Monday- Friday

10-1 PM

4-8 PM


10-3 PM