Team Roster

U13 Elite 1


South Ridge


South Ridge


South Ridge


South Ridge


South Ridge

U14 SR


South Ridge

Hardworking basketball player who is a fan of the Mavericks. His favorite song is Hit ‘Em Up by 2Pac and likes his chicken salad


South Ridge

Liam is full of energy just like Shaq (his favorite player). Liam always cheers for the Cavs and wants to see another championship while he eats sushi (his favorite food)


South Ridge

Likes to kickback and listen to “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” by Ski Mask Slump God. Favorite Player is Lebron James hence he supports the Cavs


South Ridge

Matthew always has a joke up his sleeves, and loves his moms pizza. When he watches NBA games he cheers for the Raptors. His Favorite song is All About You 2PAC


South Ridge

Likes to kick back and listen to Friday by Rebecca Black. He is a hardworking basketball player that is pushing himself to the next level.


South Ridge

Adam is super excited for the opportunity to play on 2W’s basketball team. He looks up to Coach Bhavan who trains him at 2W


South Ridge

Enjoys to listen to Fireflies, his favorite team is OKC and roots for Russel Westbrook. If he could eat anything it would be Ramen Noodles.


South Ridge

Lukas’ favorite song is Pumped Up Kicks. He roots for the Minnesota Timber wolves and Mike Conley. His Favorite food is pizza.



Favorite song is The Race by TK, big Celtics fan who enjoys to watch Kyrie. Favorite food is the cheese Quesadilla from Taco Bell


His favorite song is KOD and supports Golden State Warriors & Avery Bradley. If he could have any food it would be Pizza.


Enjoys to listen to Kobe by Chief Keef. His favorite team is the Raptors and is a Kobe fan. If he could eat any food it would be shrimp


Although he doesn’t have a favorite song he is a big supporter of the Celtics and Ben Simmons. If he could have any food it would be pizza.

U15 Elite 1

Name Age Height School
 Jeevan 15  6’3″  Enver Creek
 Karn 15  6’3″  Enver Creek
 Levi Kongolo 15  5’8″  Pitt Meadows
 Sargun 15  5’8″  Khalsa School
 Gurshan Chawla 15  5’10”  Enver Creek
Inder 15 6’3″
 Raj  15  6′
 Keith Castillo  15  5’8″  Frank Hurt
 Parvin Dhillon  15  5’10”  Fleetwood

U17 Elite 1

Name Age Height School
 Vikram Hayer  17 North Delta
 Harpreet Gill  17 North Delta
 Jaskirat Thind  17 North Delta
 Jagraj Johal  17 North Delta
Dilpreet Sandhu  17 North Delta
Aarun 17 North Delta
IK 17 Frank Hurt

U14 Elite Girls

Name Age Height School
 Meharwaan Manak  14  5’6 Panorama Ridge
 Jannat Locham 14  5’6 Delview
Micheala De Castro 14  5’4 Guildford Park
Remas Elradi 14  6’0 Guildford Park
Sophie Posoukh 14  5’8 North Surrey
Prithika Senthil 14  5’6 North Surrey
Janelle 14  5’4  Fleetwood
Hannah Friesen 14  5’7 Earl Marriot
Jusleen Tut 14  5’3 Khalsa School
Vaneet 14  5’5 Khalsa School

U15 Elite Girls

Name Age Height School
 Simran Gill  15  5’10 Queen Elizabeth
 Mikayla Ritchie 15  5’8 Enver Creek
Shemali Senthil 15  5’5 Lord Tweedsmuir
Mallory Gosnell 15  5’7
Dalena Gosnell 14  5’5